17 avr. 2014

Denise Lasalle

Here i am again (1975) LP [Z]


The bitch is bad (1977) LP [Z]


Hittin where it hurts (1988) LP [Z]


Joe Bataan - Afrofilipino (1975) LP [UL]

Lyn Collins - Check me out if you don’t know me by now (1975) (Expanded 1995) CD [UL]
Bonus tracks :
01 Me And My Baby Got A Good Thing Going
02 I’ll Never Let You Break My Heart Again
03 Take Me Just As I Am
04 People Make The World A Better Place
05 We Want To Parrty, Parrty, Parrty
06 Don’t Make Me Over
07 Give It Up Or Turn It Loose
08 You Can’t Love Me If You Don’t Respect Me


MFSB (1973) (Re 2002) CD [UL]

Love is the message (1973) (Exp 2012) CD [UL]

Bonus Tracks :
09. Love Is The Message (Feat. The Three Degrees) (Single Version)
10.TSOP (The Sound Of Philadelphia) (Feat. The Three Degrees) (A Tom Moulton Mix)
11.Love Is The Message (A Tom Moulton Mix)

Philadelphia freedom (1975) (Re 1998) CD [UL]

 The gamble-huff orchestra (1978) LP [UL]

Mysteries of the world (1980) LP [UL]

Ozone - Send it (1981) (Re 2008) CD [UL]

The Fatback Band

Night Fever (1976) (Re 1989) CD [UL]

Gigolo (1981) LP [UZ]

Evelyn Thomas - High energy (1984) LP [UL]

Bunny Sigler - Keep smilin’ (1975) LP [UL]

Glenn Jones 

Take it from me (1986) LP [UZ]

All for you (1990) CD [UL]!4tAEWYBJ!IGvRu2BnmySqXBy2XxFr5SxgwVYr8dHAhQhLTzfwFZ0

The best of (1992) CD [MC]

Feels good - CD [UL]

16 avr. 2014

The Lost Generation

The sly, slick and the wicked (1970) LP

Young, tough and terrible (1972) (Expanded) LP

Bonus tracks :
11. Pretty Little Angel Eyes
12. You Only Get Out Of Love (What You Put In)

The Soul Searchers

We the people (1972) LP [U]

Salt of the earth (1974) LP [UL]

Mike James Kirkland

Hang on in there (1972) LP 

 Doin' it right (1973) LP

Floaters - Floaters (1977) LP [UL]

N.c.c.u. - Super trick (1977) LP [U]

N.C.C.U. = New Central Connection Unlimited
Produced by Donald Byrd (R.I.P.)

Danny Woods - Aries (1972) LP [UL]

The Smith Connection - Under my wings (1972) LP [UL]

Percy Faith ‎- Summer place '76 (1975)

Zingara - Zingara (1981) (Re 2001) CD [UL]